Panda Security is one of the most famous antivirus makers on earth and has a terrific reputation. The organization’s products offer you a few outstanding features that help you maintain your PC and devices secure, protect your privacy, and also optimize your devices’ functionality. Panda is also available for the most popular operating systems, which makes it an exceptional choice when you’re trying to protect more than 1 device in your dwelling. If you’re searching for powerful security and some excellent features to choose it, Panda is a top selection for you.


When it comes to tough security and protection, Panda positions near the top of the business based on most important testing labs. The business has always scored near the top in evaluations by labs. Panda’s antivirus tools detected each and every malware attack–even those it did not know before–when analyzed. If I had one little area where Panda could boost their tools is in the number of false positives it reported (documents the antivirus considers are infected–but aren’t really), with a far greater amount than other competitors. But I would rather be more protected than less, along with two or three false positives are bothersome, but not sufficient to dock the business things.

New Dome Suites Offer Better Protection

Lately, the company updated its product lines into its new Dome suites, which provide enhanced protection and supply more tools that you protect yourself from the many dangers of the net. Panda Dome’s security starts with an antivirus scanner that offers comprehensive protection and rapid results as soon as it finds a potential threat. The business’s scans check for the normal problems–viruses, trojans, and worms–along with malware and ransomware, which is quickly becoming a significant problem if you are on the net.

Furthermore, Dome scans any USB device you plug into your computer such as a Flash drive or an external hard disk. Even when you understand where they come from, these devices are plugged into several computers, some of which might not be protected. If you are not careful, even trusted sources can bring a virus in your PC. The best part is that Panda Dome does not wait until you let it begin a scan. The program is constantly scanning dangers and will respond instantly if it finds something on your computer.

You Choose Your Scans

Another terrific part of Panda’s new Dome tools is that you can select which scans you wish to run.When you decide to begin a new scan, you can choose from Complete Scan, Custom Scan, or Crucial Scan. The first will assess all your computer’s directories and files, and the second is only going to assess the folders you let it. I was most interested in the Critical Scan that goes through the areas on your computer that are normally where viruses and malware hide (like your temporary files and cookies). I thought that this was really helpful as it helped me cut down my scan times and allow me to focus exactly on areas I thought were at risk.


Rather than targeting individual computers, many hackers decide to attack your system. This gives them access to all of your devices and may be even more harmful than a normal attack.

Panda Dome includes a Wi-Fi security tool which locks down your system from any prying eyes or possible attacks. The Wi-Fi security also lets you know when you connect to a public network that has lower security criteria than your own. This permits you to check others’ action and make smarter decisions about connecting to the network or locating your internet access somewhere else.

A Powerful Personal Firewall

Another antivirus products I have tested lately have frustrated me by skipping over the firewall feature, so I was happy to see Panda includes a powerful personal firewall. When you install an antivirus, a firewall can help it do a better job by also restricting who and what can get into your computer on the internet.

Panda’s personal firewall is totally customizable, so you can choose just how much you need to allow in, and how much you wish to keep out. More to the point, the firewall is always working in the background, so it keeps you safe even if you don’t realize attackers want to penetrate your defenses.